We work with many professionals in various industries  (especially contractors) but often the common frustration is documentation and compliance when applying to work with the larger promotional Companies such as HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, Thumbtack, Yelp, to name but a few.

With high demand during this boom for contractors such as Handymen, remodelers, electricians, plumbers, etc., it's certainly important to be ahead of the competitors, but while these services provide fantastic marketing opportunities they can often become overwhelming quickly. We have experienced countless small businesses get in over their heads quickly!

Companies feel it's simple to just sign up, fill out a quick bit of paperwork and they are off to a flying start. However, it's a little more complicated when it starts getting into the specifications of it all. You then realize you need to provide substantial contracts, meet all the necessary requirements for insurance, have W9's in place and other essential paperwork that these big box stores request to meet with all their compliance demands.

Once you’ve jumped through all those hoops, you will start getting a lot of leads, that part is never the problem. But what will you do from there?  Are you set up for all those estimates, give bids, follow up, and sell the job, not to mention billing, the work crew and customer care?  What happens if you’re getting leads from more than one company?  Do you have a system set up to organize your customers, phone numbers and addresses?  Once you do sell a job, how will you track the income and expenses and ensure the work is being carried out to perfection?

This is often when many businesses will get buried in their own success and things spiral out of control, jobs get scheduled late or clients billing gets mixed up or forgotten about (yes we have seen it happen!), the phones are not being answered and worse you are starting to get bad reviews on the internet because you are overwhelmed by all these amazing new leads.

This is where All About That Biz steps in. We can help you design easy, reliable, efficient systems that will keep you and your team up to date at the touch of a button, communicating on every level from sales, to office requirements, through to billing, follow up and customer care.

We will help construct analytical systems, making sure you are not overpaying for your leads or losing them continuously due to less capable sales staff. You will be able to track and monitor everything, easily enabling you to make changes as needed as you grow instead of losing thousands in lack of efficiency and causing you constant stress and frustration. We will set you up with any relevant databases and accounting systems as well as lead trackers and customer follow up emails and referral business so that you can keep an eye on the success, profitability margins and spending trends in real time at a glance.




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